Gallery 1 : Before 1911

Jennie was eleven years old when her mother died in 1899. This, to my way of thinking, is NOT an eleven year old girl. I would put her more at 16. I suppose this to be her step-mother, then. Corinda Jane Giles (1876-1959) married George Ewings (1862-1942) in 1902.
This is the reverse of the first photo. It is very difficult to read. However, the photo was made at Rikard Gallery, Peel Street, Tamworth.
Jennie Ewings was tall and erect, carrying herself elegantly. She was a country lass, but with a sense of grace and elegance. Take not of this hat. Mostly, Jennie is wearing a hat in the images I have of her. I would put her in her early 20s here. Which would make the location Manilla, in northern NSW.
This is a postcard of the Mulwaree River, Goulburn, NSW. I suppose it to have been written by an unsuccessful suitor. It is dated 11th October, 1907. Jennie was 19 years old. Cyril's family did not move to Tamworth until the middle of 1909. Now why had she kept it all those years.
This is the reverse of the Mulwaree River postcard, which reads: "Inverlochy, via Goulburn. Just a card for old remembrance. This is a Goulburn view with my Uncle's residence in view. How is Birt and his girl? Still xxxx I suppose.I am now at home and have great amusement with The Apollo on the pianowhich my father bought while I was away. Hoping you are enjoying good health. xxx PES"

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