Gallery 2 : 1911 - 1919

Lucy Irene and Ross Charles. Ross was born in March 1916, so my guess is that this photo was taken in the first half of 1917. Irene would have been 5.
Cyril and Ross later in 1917. This was taken at Thompson Street, Drummoyne, the home of Cyril's parents. The shadow of the photographer is that of Sylvia, Cyril's sister (and my grandmother).
Irene at the wedding of her Aunty Sylvia in July 1918. She is sitting beside her Aunty Olive. Irene about 6, and Olive about 30. Irene was the oldest grandchild. In the mid-30s when her husband, George, was frequently away with the navy, Irene would stay long enough at 133 Tjhompson Street, Drummoyne to be listed on the 1936 census. By then the household was being run by Olive (48), with Charles (the grndfather) deceased, and Sarah (the grandmother) aged 71.

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