Who are they?

Here are some of the people involved in this story, which is a sad and tragic story. Unrelievedly so.

Ross Charles Cole, the only son, and second child of Cyril Cole.
Born: March 1916
Died: September 1940

Cyril Cole, husband to Jenny, father to Irene and Ross
Born: January 1885
Died: ?

Jenny Cole, wife to Cyril, and mother to Irene and Ross.
Born: November 1888
Died: ?

Irene Cole, first child, and only daughter, to Cyril and Jenny Cole.
Born: 1912
Died: ?

George Lever, husband to Irene, father to Wendy
Born: 1915
Died: June 1986

Wendy Lever, daughter to Irene Cole and George Lever, niece to Ross, grand-daughter to Cyril and Jenny.
Born: November 1937
Died: September 2005

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