Gallery 6 : After 1960

This image of Cyril was NOT in Wendy's case. There were no images of Cyril in her case. It was taken in February 1960 when Cyril went down to Sydney to attend the wedding of his neice, Sylvia Tonkin, who was the daughter of his sister, Sylvia Irene Veronica Cole. Cyril had turned 75 the previous month.
Wendy's marriage to (Charles) James Mansfield, 26 May 1961. Perhaps this was regarded as some sort of a coup. There is a strong aspirational streak running through the household of Cyril and Jennie. James Mansfield was one of two sons of the Chief Justice of Queensland, Sir Alan Mansfield, who became State Governor in 1966. James was a solicitor. Immediately behind Wendy is Irene, her mother. I can only surmise that the gentleman whose arm she is clutching is John William Goldsmith whom she married c. 1950, and with whom she was still living in 1980. He does seem very young. The striking resemblance to her brother, Ross, is uncanny!

This marriage did not last. By 1968 James was living alone, and eventually remarried.
The Roll of Honour commemorating the sacrifice of Ross Charles Cole. Australian War Memorial, 2010

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